• Welcome SignThe nationís community event sign greeted members with a splash of color, making sure they couldnít miss the festivities.
  • Hog Fry StationCOTTA staff members were up at dawn preparing the hog fry and fry bread. And there was plenty left over for members to take home.
  • Basket WeavingSome of the festivities included basket weaving, which involved concentration and dexterity, but connected members to long standing Cherokee traditions.
  • Chief BakerChief Baker met personally with members throughout the afternoon getting to know them and listening to their concerns.
  • Cherokee ArtifactsA number of authentic Cherokee artifacts were displayed from blankets to flutes to masks.
  • Julia CoatesJulia Coates, at large councilor, delivered a farewell address to the membership as she enters the final year of her term.
  • wowsliderStory teller Robert Lewis got the audience involved as he explained why Cherokee society is based around mothersí lines and not fathersí.
  • StickballAfter the festivities members left the center for the outdoors to play stickball and marbles.
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Photos courtesy of Dee Mars and Carol Stephens

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